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Potential, Realized

Let’s get straight to the point: Rainmakers get to call the shots. When you’re the one who brings in the business, you get a big say in your firm’s decisions. Even in a large firm, you get to shape your destiny. (Of course, if you’re a solo professional, rainmaking is the only way you’ll survive, much less flourish.)

Unless you take charge and learn how to make it rain, you’ll always be at risk of having others decide your fate — what kind of work you’ll do, how far you’ll rise in your field, how much money you’ll make, how much satisfaction you’ll get from your work … even whether you work at all.

The trouble is, professional education doesn’t always prepare you for the realities of a professional practice. Rarely does it teach you how to do “marketing” or “business development.” It takes intentional focus throughout your career to develop these abilities. (And doing so is just as important to your success as honing your substantive expertise.)

The good news is that rainmaking can be learned.

What’s more, the most important ingredient in your “marketing and business development plan” is simply you – the trusted advisor — and the relationships you’re able to develop with your clients and colleagues. It’s not enough that others believe in your competence. For your practice to flourish, they must also feel confident about their relationship with you as a person. (Yes, even if your clients are big businesses, decisions are still made by human beings.)

That’s why it pays to have a distinctive, remarkable professional presence.

You don’t have to be “flashy” or put on an act. (That superficial approach doesn’t work anyway.)

You don’t have to become a back-slapping “super-salesman.” (Most conventional sales techniques only erode your clients’ trust in you.)

You do need to develop intentional strategies to make sure clients see you at your best and feel great about having you at their side.

And yet most professionals miss out on this competitive edge.

They water down their personalities to fit some arbitrary notion of what’s “professional.” They’re plain-vanilla. They follow the herd. They settle for being technicians, commodities — instead of sought-after experts. And that’s what really slams the lid on your influence and income.

We offer customized, one-on-one consulting, professional development, and coaching to strengthen your professional presence and rainmaking abilities – and put that knowledge to work for you through smart, focused action.

Professional brand
Niche and positioning
Personal presence
Communication skills
Mindset and confidence
Emotional intelligence
Leadership skills
Networking strategies
Community involvement
Purpose and vision
Thought leadership
Strategic alliances
Client relationships
Selling skills
Public speaking
Legacy and philanthropy


Strategy, Executed

While a firm’s professionals do the face-to-face work of business development, firm-wide marketing and business development programs can play a big part in setting them up for success. Yet few firms have enough internal capacity in this critical area. (And all can benefit from some outside help and an independent perspective.)

We consult on a project-by-project or retainer basis, offering a cost-effective solution for any size of firm. Our team of affiliated specialists and strategic partners makes it possible for us to deliver on client engagements of any size and complexity.

If you have in-house staff devoted to marketing and business development, we’ll work collaboratively with them and with your firm’s leadership to fill gaps in capacity, execute projects, and provide fresh ideas and expert guidance.

If you don’t have staff dedicated to marketing, we can work with your firm’s leadership and serve as your complete marketing and business development department.

Marketing strategic plans
Marketing audits
Positioning and branding
Cross-selling strategies
Internal collaborations
Lead generation systems
Client nurturing programs
Writing and editing
Case studies and white papers
Web site strategy and development
Blogs and social media
CRM implementation
Marketing automation
Speechwriting and presentations
Speaker coaching
Strategic media plans
News releases
Article placement
Association marketing
Sponsorships and events

Meet Pam McAllister

Pam McAllister

Pam McAllister leads our marketing and business development services for professionals and their firms, with a special focus on attorneys and law firms, wealth management and financial advisors, and management and organization development consultants.

A former big-firm tax lawyer, Pam knows what it’s like to live in the pressure cooker of a high-end professional practice. In the years since she turned down a partnership offer and left her law practice, she has gained broad experience in marketing and selling complex ideas, services, and other intangibles — and in training and coaching individuals on leadership, communication, personal presence, public speaking, business development, sales skills, and other professional essentials.

Pam earned her J.D. cum laude at Northwestern University School of Law, where she was a Wigmore Scholar and a member of the Law Review. She also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in History from the University of Hawaii.

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